Cristina Cruz is a lecturer in Plant Biology at the Faculty of Sciences - University of Lisbon (Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa - FCUL), Portugal, where I have taught and carried out research since 1994. I am interested in the physiological mechanisms that determine the suitability of terrestrial plants to their environments, especially in the the assemblage of microbiomes responsible for plant survival under low nutrient availability and stress conditions. I am focused on the physiological ecology of nitrogen (N) acquisition and impacts of increased N availability on terrestrial ecosystems. I am involved in projects aiming at establishing the study of symbiosis as a major and integrative subject of master courses in the area of biology, and the establishement of the International Day of the Microorganism, which aims  to raise awareness among young people and society in general of the role of microorganisms and their symbiosis as life supporting systems and biotools. 

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