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10th International Symbiosis Society Congress 


25-29 JULY 2022 at LYON, FRANCE

The ISS Congress is the sanctioned meeting of the International Symbiosis Society and is held every three years.   It is the primary international meeting focusing on symbioses, including complex interactions between hosts and their microbiomes. The Congress usually bring together 400 symbiosis scientists from up to 20 nations to present the latest research in symbioses, their ubiquity in nature and their impact on all environments on the planet. This time it is being held jointly with Holobiont #3. 

For details please visit congress website or email us at iss10holobiont3@sciencesconf.org

World Symbiosis Day Webinar

Title - Symbiosis When living together is a win-win

International Symbiosis Society (ISS) hosted its first webinar on Symbiosis as part of the annual celebration on designated ‘World Symbiosis day’ dedicated to different types of symbioses and focusing on how symbiotic living together is a win-win for the ecosystem. The webinar was well attended by more that 300 people on zoom and 150 watching live on you tube. 

Link to recording , presentations and report are available here. 

The Symbiosis Journal

Symbiosis volumes one (1985) to 39 (2005) now available on-line

  complete news is here 

The International Symbiosis Society and Springer publish Symbiosis. Symbiosis is a refereed journal which publishes results of original research that contribute to understanding of symbiotic interactions at the molecular, cellular, and organismal levels. 

Topics of particular interest are include:

  • Nutritional interactions
  • Mutual regulatory and morphogenic effects
  • Structural co-adaptations
  • Interspecific recognition and specity
  • Ecological adaptations
  • Evolutionary consequences of symbiosis
  • Culture and other specific methods for symbiosis research. 

Upcoming events

10th ISS congress to be held on 24 to 28 JULY 2022 at LYON, FRANCE

The logo was prepared by the artist Malia Mercer and is based on Mauri art describing "an ever changing world and the ability to adapt within it" - a fitting description of symbiosis.

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