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The ISS is committed to the integrating of symbiosis into both pre-college and university life and earth science curriculums. We believe that in order to best understand and work with earth systems, it is essential that students of a wide variety of ages and backgrounds learn about symbiotic systems and their profound impacts. Although the term “symbiosis” includes the full range of “living together” including commensalism, parasitism, and mutualism, the research of ISS members tends to focus on the beneficial interactions that are key to success in natural systems. On this webpage are example curricula shared by our members. If you would like assistance in designing a course on symbiosis, please contact members of the Education Team.


Lecture Examples  -  By Prof Sharon Doty, University of Washington  

Plant Microbiology Outreach Videos from Professor Sharon Doty’s class

Endophytes as biocontrol for specific plant pathogens  Samantha Michelson

Endophytes of DOSA Medha Kumar

Endophytes for increasing yield of corn Hata, Sun, & Messinger

Plant bacteria and phosphorus: a small solution to a big problem Jackson Hall

Bioactive endophytes of morning glories Henry Gould

Moss-Cyanobacteria Interactions anonymous

Nitrogen-fixation in boreal forests Brielle Ann Canares

Endophytes for biocontrol Carson Butcher

Nitrogen fixation in mosses Brisk & Smurthwaite



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