Marc-André SELOSSE is professor at Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle (Paris), University of Gdansk (Department of Plant Taxonomy and Nature Conservation, Poland) and invited professor at Federal University of Viçosa (Brazil). His researches focus on the ecology and evolution of mycorrhizas, a major symbiosis between soil fungi and roots of most land plants, with research models such as Truffles, Sebacinales, orchids and ectomycorrhizal associations, as well as mycorrhizal networks. He also has a general interest for symbiosis and its evolution. He is head of the French Botanical Society, member of the French Academy of Agriculture and member of CNRS (INE) Council. He is an editor of New PhytologistEcology LettersBotany LettersSymbiosis and Espèces (outreach in French). All his papers (more than 150 scientific papers and 150 outreach papers) are downloadable at He co-organizes the teaching sessions at ISS meetings since 1996.

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