• 13 Feb 2011
  • 18 Feb 2011
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
ASLO meeting

*Interactions Between Aquatic Microbial Eukaryotes: Intracellular to Community Processes* Session # 27

Matthew Johnson, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Fabrice Not, Station Biologique de Roscoff, CNRS, Université Paris 06

Aquatic microbial eukaryotes exhibit a wide array of interactions that influence community diversity, trophic structure, and ultimately biogeochemical cycles. These interactions, which include competition, allelopathy, predation, parasitism, and symbiosis, are complex phenomena that can be difficult to assess. Aquatic protists in particular are extremely phylogenetically diverse, span a wide spectrum in cell size and encompass a broad range of nutritional modes from phototrophy to heterotrophy. Mixotrophy plays an important nutritional role in many protist groups, and represents a wide array of microbial interactions. In this session we encourage investigators from both laboratory and field settings, in either marine or freshwater systems, to present their research on interactions between aquatic microbial eukaryotes. Research emphasizing the ecological role of cellular interactions, and involving aspects of diversity, cellular biology, functional genomics, cell-cell signaling, or biochemical and physiological processes are welcomed.
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