SYMBIOSIS, the journal

The International Symbiosis Society and Springer publish Symbiosis. Members of the Society can access this journal by entering the members only section and clicking on "access to Symbiosis, the journal. 

Symbiosis is a refereed journal which publishes results of original research that contribute to understanding of symbiotic interactions at the molecular, cellular, and organismal levels. 

Topics of particular interest are include:

  • Nutritional interactions
  • Mutual regulatory and morphogenic effects
  • Structural co-adaptations
  • Interspecific recognition and specity
  • Ecological adaptations
  • Evolutionary consequences of symbiosis
  • Culture and other specific methods for symbiosis research. 
Symbiosispublishes articles which are accounts of original studies, review articles, book reviews, meeting reports, and a calendar of events. 

For further information, e-mail the editor-in-chief David Richardson of St. Mary's University, Halifax, Canada at or visit Springer's website 

Submit papers for the journal electronically to:

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